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Our Founders

Ken Wood

Ken's story begins in 2006 with the sale of a used drilling Rig to Aldersgate United Methodist Church from York, PA. He had a rig for sale and they had a passion for helping the people of Ghana.


You can't just pick up a book to learn how to use a drilling rig, or how to find water. The church was trying to convince Ken to travel to Ghana to teach their team how to drill, and he was resisting until a "chance" meeting changed his perspective and he agreed to go.


Seeing the need and realizing that this mission would need his experience and financial support to keep the going, Ken responded by founding Lifetime Wells For Ghana and finding a mission for his life.


Since that first trip, Ken has traveled to Ghana and Tanzania an average of four times per year. While the drilling in Ghana is now done by a local team year-round, the drilling in Tanzania is completed during Ken's trips. Long days and sometimes nights produce 100 functional wells for the rural communities we serve.

Founders- Ken Wood
1st well - Dalikopa now connected to pip

Ken inspecting one of LWI's first wells in Ghana, which has been mechanized with a submersible pump.

Ken and the LWG team preparing for the Ghanian Chief's ceremony to celebrate  "Chief Living Water". 

C0108.MP4.13_32_23_16.Still001 -Ken Shak

Ken and Kofi Lawson meeting some of the villagers who have benefited from one of LWI's well projects in the Ketu North region of Ghana 

Founders - David Powell

David Powell

2020 Ghana Trip David  Water Well -

David began his philanthropic work in 2004 when he founded Wells For Life (which became Wells For Relief) in 2009), with Mark Mills. Wells For Relief began its work in Morroco, based on the belief that their knowledge of water well construction could alleviate much of the suffering in Northern Africa.


After five years in operation, governmental pressure in Morrocco caused the team to look for another location where they could safely continue their work. Ultimately, Wells For Relief decided to move to Ghana in West Africa.

Mark decided to focus his attention in another direction, and David began working with Ken and supporting the work of Lifetime Wells For Ghana. After several years of partnering together, Lifetime Wells International was born.


David travels to Ghana several times each year, focusing on sustainability and development.

Our sustainability program was developed through a partnership with Villanova Universities Engineering Service Learning Program. Once a small pilot, it is expanding across our network of pumps in Ghana and will be replicated in our Tanzania operations.

David and Gabriel (Head mechanic in Ghana) inserting pump rods into a new handpump 

2020 Ghana Trip David Water Well -2.jpg
wfrgct (2).jpg

David Powell and James Devine (LWI Secretary) meet with Ghanian Cardinal Peter Turkson at Villanova University.

Gabriel inspects David's work once the pump is assembled.

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