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#SixInSix Update

Thanks to you, Borgbaln and thirteen other villages in the Northern Region of Ghana now have access to clean drinking water!


Our drill team works long and sometimes frustrating days, trying to bring water to people in desperate need. In many parts of Ghana, having a water-drilling rig roll into town isn't a guarantee that a safe water source is on its way. On occasion, our team will have to leave a village without providing a water well because the water isn't there.

In fact, the first well drilled in Borgbaln turned out to be dry. After drilling 150 feet down, the team had to call it a day and relayed the message back home, "dry hole". As you can imagine, we were worried. Borgbaln was representative of many villages in the north and we had brought you into their lives to share their story and offer hope...and nothing! Undaunted, the drilling team got to work the following day and again, at about 150 feet, they hit water! And just like that, life in Borgbaln will never be the same. 

Enjoy the videos and pictures. They are a reminder of how life used to be and glimpses into the future of what life will become.

Be on the lookout for updates from Borgbaln and the villages in the area as soon as it is safe for the team to travel and capture them. We look forward to providing updates over the years so you can see how much life changes when people have access to this basic necessity of life. 

Thank you again for partnering with Lifetime Wells International and providing clean drinking water to over 7,000 people who would still be suffering if it weren't for you!

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