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Located on the Eastern Shore of Africa, Tanzania shares its borders with the Indian Ocean, and many neighboring countries (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Conga, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique).


With a total land area of 947,300 km2 it is nearly 4 times the size of Ghana. Like Ghana, it has a tropical climate along the coast and is temperate in the highlands.

Total Population: 56,318,348


  Urban: 34% (19,148,238)

  Rural: 55% (37,170,110)

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Our work in Tanzania began in 2011 when Ken Wood answered the phone and was asked if he would help people who were suffering badly from drinking dirty water. Since then, Lifetime Wells International has installed over 1,000  hand-pumps in Tanzania!

A recent collaboration with the Government of Tanzania has resulted in the mechanization of 15 LWI boreholes this year. The Government has also expressed interest in partnering with LWI in our sustainability efforts! 

Clean-Water Access 

  • 68% of Tanzania’s population has access to basic* water service.

  • The majority of rural populations lack access to even basic services. Over 40% (14,868,000) rely on surface water or unimproved water sources, exposing them to significant risks of disease. 2

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The need in Tanzania is great. Please consider supporting our work to end the suffering in Tanzania.

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