Since 2006, Lifetime Wells International has drilled over 2,500 water wells, rehabilitated dilapidated wells, installed mechanizes wells, and extended water mains to deliver clean water.

We educate communities on the benefits of clean water and sanitation and educate local leaders who ensure proper maintenance and repairs are performed.

In most of the communities we serve, handpumps are often the best solution to the problem of dirty water.

Handpumps are:

  • Relatively easy to repair.

  • Durable, lasting up to 20yrs with proper maintenance.

  • Perfect for remote areas lacking electricity.

Mechanized Pumps

In larger communities with electricity, we may develop a well with a submersible pump to extend the reach and availability of safe-water.

In semi-urban locations, we have partnered with the local water authority to extend municipal pipelines, these water mains can provide access to safe water for those without a safe underground water supply. 

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