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The mission of

Lifetime Wells International

is to sustainably improve the quality of life in the communities we serve and to reduce the number of people without access to clean water.

If you are a partner, thank you for taking this journey with us!

Since 2004over 2,500 communities in Ghana and Tanzania have experienced the life-changing benefits of clean water!

Lifetime Wells International Well 2,500.

With all the issues confronting the world, Why Water?

It's simple really. We were founded by two water well drillers from the United States who found a way to use their decades of experience to help alleviate suffering.

Water is our most basic need, we can't live without it. Yet many are forced to rely on contaminated water to survive, risking illness and even death every time they take a drink. The World Health Organization estimates that there are still 785 million people that do not have access to clean water close to their

homes. 1

Lifetime Wells International improves the lives of the communities we serve by providing clean drinking water.

Thanks to our partners, Lifetime Wells International has provided over 2,500 water wells in Ghana and Tanzania!

Get Involved

Looking for ways to help people impacted by dirty water?

100% of your gift  goes directly to the field to fund a water project, not administrative costs.


Find out how far your donation goes when you support our Organization.

Women Fetching Dirty Water
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